How To Reduce Bounce Rate In 2018


For quite some time now, web masters have put a lot of emphasis and focus on increasing traffic to their websites and webpages. This is all well and good as no one would like to own a website that gets little to no traffic at all. But when you look at it from an SEO point of view, traffic is not the only factor that determines how well a site ranks on search engine results pages. There are plenty of other factors and one of the most important is bounce rate. The conventional online marketing techniques of using social media, paid advertising, email marketing and even content distribution are all effective ways of bringing traffic to your website. But what happens when the traffic gets to your site and then leaves faster than it came in?

Bounce rate has for many years been underrated and sometimes even completely ignored by web masters who have not yet realized the true potential it holds. Before going further, it is necessary to give a proper definition of bounce rate. Bounce rate is the total percentage of visitors who come to your website and then leave after visiting only one page. For instance, when Google Analytics shows that your website's bounce rate is 50%, this means that half of the visitors that visit your website leave after visiting one page and do not proceed to take further action. As you can already tell, bounce rate is not a trivial factor as many may assume it to be.

Now, having a higher bounce rate is not a good thing even if your website is getting huge amounts of traffic. The huge amounts of traffic to your website will prove meaningless when Google is ranking your site for a given keyword. It has already been established that bounce rate is one of the key criteria that Google and other search engines such as Bing are using to rank websites on their search results pages. Lowering your site's bounce rate is the best SEO strategy you can employ as of today!

Different Factors Affecting Bounce Rate

It is good to note that a bounce rate of around 50% to 60% is average. A bounce rate of below 40% is fairly good while a bounce rate of 20% or below is basically amazing. Anything above 75% is poor and is a clear indicator that you need to rethink your search engine optimization strategy. This percentage rates can vary a lot depending on time of year, state of economy and size of website. It is important to check for accurate benchmarks every now and then in order to gauge the progress of your marketing strategy accordingly.

To reduce your website bounce rate, you need to get visitors to spend more time, visit more pages and also do more tasks on your site. There are many ways you can achieve this such as improving user experience and presenting amazing offers and promotions. However, in this time and age, you can always rely on technology and innovative minds to come up with amazing new solutions. This is the point where you get to learn about crowd search optimization and how it can help to reduce your website's bounce rate tremendously. But first, here is a look at some of the factors that contribute to calculation of a website's bounce rate.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

CTR or Click Through Rate is currently the number one factor that search engines such as Google and Bing look at when ranking websites on search results. What is CTR you ask? CTR is the process of a person typing in a keyword in a search engine and then going through the results pages and ultimately clicking a website link on the search result. This entire process is tracked by Google from the minute a user starts typing in the search box up to the point the click a specific listing on the organic search results.

Dwell Time

Dwell time is basically the time a person takes between clicking a listing on the search engine results and returning back to the search results after having visited a specific website. How long the person stay or 'dwells' on the target website is also tracked by Google just like CTR.

Now, both CTR and dwell time are the two main factors that contribute to the ranking of your website for a specific keyword. However, CTR can easily be manipulated by bots and click bait headlines so the most crucial factor to consider is dwell time. Dwell time is directly proportional to bounce rate as the more time a person stays on your website, the more tasks they are likely to do and the more pages they are likely to visit as well. Crowd Search Optimization is basically a way to increase both visitor click through rate as well as their dwell time (reduced bounce rate) on your site.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate With Crowd Search Optimization

Crowd Search Optimization is an SEO technique that makes use of specially designed software that is installed in the computers of real people. Once they have the software installed they are able to follow instructions to search for your keyword and then click on your website in the search results. This means that there is an army of crowd searchers running the software from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Moreover, the software keeps website information and keywords data private from crowd searchers for optimal privacy. So, think about it. What if you had access to this crowd search army, for your URL's and keywords, inside of a simple push button system? Here is where you learn about


Crowd Search Optimization With is the name of the proprietary software that helps to reduce your site's bounce rate and thus raise your ranking on search engine results pages. The software is a web based system that allows clients to enter their website URL's and keywords so that the crowd search army can organically search for your sites and boost your your rank. This is definitely one of the smartest and most innovative SEO systems you will find out there today.

The crowd search army is a valuable resource that anyone would wish to have at their disposal. On the software, you can choose to use a special smart ranking option or opt to manually adjust search keywords and dwell time for your desired URL's. It is good to mention that the software is very easy to use and has been refined repeatedly in order to streamline all the functions it carries out.

Some of the its key benefits are:

- 100% Automated: This means that all you need to do is set up your URL's and keywords and you are good to go.

- 100% Google Safe: Considering that their are no bots, click-bait headlines or other illegal techniques being used, the crowd search software is Google safe. The fact that real people and real computers will do the work of improving the rank of your website on search results also make it much safer.

- Nothing To Download: The client side of the software is web based meaning you do not have to download any software or files.

- Full Access To The Crowd Search Network: This means that the entire crowd search army which is relatively the size of a city like New York is at your disposal. The army is spread across two continents and is expected to expand sooner than later.

- Completely Natural Rank Boosting Method: As mentioned above, there are no bots or code manipulation techniques being used to improve the ranking of your site on search engine results pages.

- Choice between Smart Rank or Manual Adjustment of Searches and Dwell Time: Your can choose to fully automate the entire process by using the Smart Rank feature or otherwise manually tune the appropriate setting to achieve your desired effect.

- Automatically Track and Report Your Keyword Ranking Progress: The system continuously tracks the progress of your website for given keywords just like Google Analytics. This means that you can get real time results on CTR, Dwell time and Bounce rate.


This article has demonstrated the importance of bounce rate and it's impact on your website's rankings. This is a huge factor for your search engine rankings and it is certainly a key factor you will want to optimize. is a great way to reduce your bounce rate while simultaneously improing your rankings.