Daniel Anton SEO Software [2018 Offer by RankCrew]

(Daniel Anton, CEO Rankcrew.com)

Daniel Anton has grown the SEO side of his wholesale business, Rankcrew.com by offering quality link building services at affordable rates. The company primarily focuses as a wholesaler, supporting web designers and SEO marketing agencies who resell Rankcrew services to their own clients, local, national and ecommerce. The birth of RankCrew was created by another Internet Marketer, Jon Leger, who is known for his fantastic products and customer support. Because Daniel Anton had already built up a team for software and other services, the synergies between RankCrew and existing software and services lead to Daniel Anton successfully acquiring RankCrew. The company services many different SEO packages each day, across a wide variety of industries.

Daniel Anton’s past ventures include retiring as an Infantry Airborne Army Ranger Major, receiving 2 bronze stars during his 2 tours in Iraq. In high school Daniel took his interest in video games, computer science and entrepreneurship to sell rare video games and guides online. Once retired from the military Daniel began creating SaaS products, Software as a Service products, amassing over 30,000 active monthly members, both in BacklinksIndexer.com and CrowdSearch.me

Daniel Anton currently owns homes in multiple states, and splits time between Georgia, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and Manhattan. Through systemization and process Daniel has transformed RankCrew from a simple service business, into a scalable operation, where thousands of web designers and Search Engine Optimization specialists rely on each month to get results and deliverables for their clients, while they focus on growth, not fulfilment. Creating an account on RankCrew is free and easy. When you decide to add funds to your account you will also be given free bonus money as a thank you for trying out the service.